Love, art and creativity can change the world.

Born from the hand of AZULIK and its core values, we believe we can contribute to the gestation of a new paradigm by helping individuals and tribes –both native and contemporary– reconnect with one another, with others and with the environment, honoring their uniqueness and unearthing their creative talents.
We dedicate our efforts to supporting and working together with communities, focusing on the care of children, animals and the preservation and recovery of the oceans, jungles and forests. We do this by designing spaces that allow for the re-valuation of native communities, promoting the integral development of their possibilities, and building on an understanding of their culture and values to manifest a world that is connected to what is fundamentally true.

We seek to generate a positive impact on planet Earth by creating a community that celebrates the connection between human beings and the nature that surrounds us.


To connect people and tribes, we build bridges.

Art is capable of prefiguring what we cannot yet conceive. Artists are our guides on this journey, channeling what is still outside our capacity for conception. They help us design new possible worlds, bringing back our conscience and allowing us to remember ourselves, our origins and what we truly are.